Renato Zambello

Hematology at the Department of Medicine, University of Padova, Italy

Dr. Renato Zambello is professor of Hematology at the Department of Medicine (DIMED), University of Padova. After the degree in Medicine, he attended the postgraduate schools in Hematology (1986) and Internal Medicine (1991). He acted as Head Assistant Physician, Hematology Unit, Dept of Medicine Padova University since 2001.

Since early 90, his major area of investigations included the Chronic Disorders of Granular Lymphocytes (in particular LGL Leukemia and Chronic Lymphoproliferative Disorder of NK cells) by conducting multiparameter analyses including the evaluation of cell morphology, karyotype, phenotype, functional immunologic findings, and molecular analysis, leading to relevant contributions  to define pathogenetic mechanisms involved into LGL proliferations.

He is author and co-author of over 250 scientific papers published in ISI Current Contents-referenced Journals (H Index 52).